Load average is high, CPU usage is low, what’s going on? [closed]

  docker, htop, raspberry-pi3

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I’m running Docker on a RPi3B+, with only 4 containers so far: Portainer, PiHole, NGINX Proxy Manager and its database. Some slowdowns (a delay after entering a command on the CLI) have caused me to open up htop and keep an eye on it. According to htop, my Load average is slightly over 4, so more than the quad-core processor can handle, if I understand correctly. The thing is though, the processor bars are rarely above 5%, and the process that takes up the most CPU % (sorted the list by CPU%) is htop itself most of the time.

What’s going on here? Is the load from Docker’s containers not properly displayed in the CPU% load? Is the load average wrong? I’d love to see if I can improve performance, but when htop says the most CPU intensive thing is itself, it’s not easy to troubleshoot.

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