Tensorflow error when used as Docker baseimage

  docker, fastapi, python-3.x, tensorflow

Hi i am using below as my Docker image for fastapi application

FROM tensorflow/tensorflow:latest

when i run docker its running but i am getting this error

2021-06-23 23:31:50.516749: F tensorflow/core/lib/monitoring/sampler.cc:42] Check failed: bucket_limits_[i] > bucket_limits_[i - 1] (0 vs. 10)

qemu: uncaught target signal 6 (Aborted) - core dumped

[2021-06-23 23:31:50 +0530] [1] [WARNING] Worker with pid 2697 was terminated due to signal 6

and when i call api, i am not getting response, does it take time for api call or can you please tell me where it is wrong

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