Working with VS Code and CUDA gpu-optimized docker images inside WSL2

I have installed Ubuntu 20.04 on WSL2 on a Windows 10 (Dev Channel, Build 21390)

In order to work with GPU-optimized containerized images for a Machine Learning project, I followed this guide .
As stated in the guide:
"NVIDIA Container Toolkit does not yet support Docker Desktop WSL 2 backend.
Note: For this release, install the standard Docker-CE for Linux distributions."
So I installed Docker CE on WSL..

Here is my question: do you know of possible limitations in using VS code installed on Windows as IDE and working over an image built with Ubuntu Docker CE installation, instead of image created with Docker Desktop ?
the only one I have read of regards workflows involving communication between the two filesystems (see here, here and here)
My doubt is that the above limitations have been overcome, reading the Docker Desktop WSL2 backend page, in particular the GPU support paragraph, is it right?

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