Looking for a way to list all community images (non-official) for arm architecture from DockerHub

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I am working with arm-based images and containers, and I was wondering if you could give me some pointers, regarding how to download them all. When I search on DockerHub website by filtering ARM and ARM64 images I can get names of around 2500 images but there are around 100,000 arm-based images (when I filter by ticking the arm and arm64 checkbox in dockerhub, there is a 100,000 number shown at the top-left) and I want to download at least 80% of them and using the v1/v2 api (dockerhub) but I can get only 2500 of them. Can You provide me some pointers regarding how to do it?

If I want to download the community images using arm architecture as a filter from page 6 of dockerhub, I get this link https://hub.docker.com/search?q=&type=image&architecture=arm%2Carm64&page=6 and If I want to get the first image ‘prom/node-exporter’ it gives the url https://hub.docker.com/r/prom/node-exporter .

There is an ‘https://hub.docker.com/r/’ for repositories and ‘https://hub.docker.com/u/’ for organizations. Is that something that can be worked with? How do I know what to put next?

Any sort of advice will be highly appreciated regarding this. This is also my first stackoverflow post, so apologies for any shortcomings. Thank You for your time.

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