Docker Engine API – secure remote connection

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I try to connect to docker engine api using Docker.DotNet client.
Docker is installed on Windows 10.
Connection using named pipeline "npipe://./pipe/docker_engine" is working, also connection using "tcp://localhost:2375" (With enabled option: Expose daemon on tcp://localhost:2375 without TLS) but I am confused with secure connection option.

Documentation is clear:

var credentials = new CertificateCredentials (new X509Certificate2 ("CertFile", "Password"));
var config = new DockerClientConfiguration("", credentials);
DockerClient client = config.CreateClient();

But based on code and documentation, what is not clear and please answer my questions:

  1. How to register certificate that should be used by docker?
  2. How to specify that only secure connection is allowed?
  3. How to specify port which should be used?

Could you please provide exact steps, how to install and configure docker to reach secure remote connection?

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