Timeout was reached when connecting to remote server

  docker, httr, rselenium, timeout, web-scraping

I receive the following error:

Error in checkError(res) :
Undefined error in httr call. httr output: Timeout was reached: [] Connection timed out after 10002 milliseconds

After running this code using RSelenium to bind R to the virtual OS:


eCaps <- list(chromeOptions = list(prefs = list("profile.default_content_settings.popups" = 0L,
                                                 "download.prompt_for_download" = FALSE,
                                                 "download.default_directory" = "home/seluser/Downloads")))

remDr <- remoteDriver(browserName= "chrome", port=4445L, extraCapabilities = eCaps, remoteServerAddr = "",)


remDr$open() is what triggers the error. I saw someone had suggested this: httr::GET("http://cran.r-project.org/Rlogo.jpg", config = httr::config(connecttimeout = 60)) but that does not work for me.

I’m new to dynamic web scraping, thanks in advance!

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