Best practice in using Apache as a Web Server with WordPress

I configured an Apache to serve my WordPress. Now, the website can be visited through ports 80 and 443 (I have HTTPS configured).

However, I want to use Proxy/Reverse Proxy to achieve:

  1. hide the WordPress Server behind the proxy, and the WordPress should only be able to visit through localhost:8080.

  2. Use Apache Proxy to redirect all the in/outbound from port 80 to 443 and from 443 to local 8080 to visit my WordPress site.

My questions are:

  1. Can this configuration (the Proxy) make the webserver safer?

  2. Since I am only using Apache2 here and don’t want to use Nginx, is it OK to use the same Apache to serve the WordPress and to act as the Proxy server at the same time?

  3. As WordPress is a CMS, is it good to set up a web container to serve it instead of using Apache directly? Is it going to make any difference?

  4. I’ve heard about Docker. If I am going to use Docker, should Apache be included in the Docker or be outside of the Docker?


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