Docker pull stops mid-pull and shows nothing in my files or in the docker interface

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I’m using Windows 10, running docker command on the powershell. My Local disk space is low but I’m running this on my hard disk (D:).

Command line:

PS D:BiopCLARA_method> docker pull
v3.1.01: Pulling from nvidia/clara-train-sdk
7595c8c21622: Pulling fs layer
d13af8ca898f: Pulling fs layer

more of the same codes and either "Pulling fs layer" or "Waiting"}

c18477ba8094: Waiting
b97dab84d0d6: Waiting
6bb9b0853045: Pulling fs layer
2c75b980ef51: Pulling fs layer
f41e15600a89: Pulling fs layer
f7d0f7f7c600: Waiting
44057ff905c4: Pulling fs layer
ef24ea424719: Waiting
26f07601bfd2: Waiting

open /var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob439951377: read-only file system

There’s no file at the file location mentioned, I don’t even know if anything downloaded at all.

Please let me know if more information is needed this is my first time on StackOverflow

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