How to expose every kubernetes pods to the outside of the cluster through one host and port using rancher?

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I have 4 machines, and set up Rancher in one, and created a kubenetes cluster called ml with all machines joined, and a project called Default with some Namespaces like tf1, tf2 and torch…, in which I have deployed some stateful workloads like tf232, and there are some pods inside the workload.

The pods are based on docker images like tensorflow/tensorflow:2.3.2-gpu-jupyter, so the port 8888 is exposed using type NodePort.

Every pod are assigned a VIP address, so I can easily execute curl ( is a pod VIP), but as described, I think I can execute curl ( is the node IP) too, but I can’t find a port correspondingly in rancher website.

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Even I set a specific number like 30112, still I got failed: Connection refused. when executing curl So what’s wrong with it?

And the most important thing is: I want to access the jupyter server in every pods outside of the cluster using one GATEWAY, how can I achieve that?

I have tried manually config nginx proxy_pass, but it’s manual.


http://control_panle/?ip= ->
http://control_panle/?ip= ->
http://control_panle/?ip= ->

enter image description here

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