How to setup a pull-through local registry that persists images on local machine? (for slow internet access)

How to create a local-registry container, that mounts a volume from the host machine and persist locally all the images that get pulled?

I want to not download images more than once, if not necessary, even after the registry (or the whole Docker VM) is being thrown away and recreated.
This is useful when having slow connection or no connectivity. Would also allow to mount a backup with pre-downloaded images, as docker volume, skipping altogether the need for an internet connection.
This latter is already possible, but it would be more convenient than having to manually docker push/docker pull onto the local registry, or to docker save/docker load each image that need to be available there.

It’s a rephrasing on this, that wasn’t reopened because of lack of feedback. Main purpose is to make the answer available for search, but feel free to propose better solutions.

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