Can’t run slapd inside an ubuntu docker container

  docker, openldap, slapd, ubuntu-18.04

I am trying to create two docker containers, one to act as an ldap server and the other an ldap client. I started by creating the server. I am running on ubuntu 18.04 and using ubuntu image for my container, I just installed slapd & ldap-utils but when I try to run "/etc/init.d/slapd" start or to run it manually with "slapd" it just exits without giving any output. I looked into this issue for a long time, I don’t know anything about ldap but in all the tutorials I went through no one mentioned any extra steps to run slapd.

I used the -d option to get debug logs and I can’t find anything wrong, but since I barely know anything about ldap I thought someone here might be able to help.

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