How to connect apache-superset with apache-drill?

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I’m trying to connect superset (v2021.10.0, using docker) with drill (in embedded mode).

This tutorial mentions that, when drill is in embedded mode, the query string is drill+sadrill://localhost:8047/dfs?use_ssl=False. However, when I test the connection I get this error


The logs show this :

superset_app             | DEBUG:superset.stats_logger:[stats_logger] (incr) test_connection_error.NoSuchModuleError
superset_app             | DEBUG:superset.stats_logger:[stats_logger] (incr) DatabaseRestApi.test_connection.error
superset_app             | DEBUG:superset.stats_logger:[stats_logger] (timing) DatabaseRestApi.test_connection.time | 46.48779600029229

Based on this question and the error I’m getting I assumed that the error is because it’s missing the sqlalchemy-drill dependency, so I tried to install sqlalchemy-drill adding to the base.txt file used by docker to install pip dependencies. But I’m still getting the same error.

Is my assumption right and it’s missing the sqlalchemy-drill dependency? How can it be added? If no, what’s the right way of running superset (on docker) with drill?

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