Installing wireshark and npcap in windows docker container

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I’m trying to install wireshark and npcap in a windows docker container like so:

FROM winamd64/python
LABEL description="docker_windows"
RUN pip install flask flask_restful pyautogui
RUN ren C:/Users/ContainerUser C:/Users/john
COPY windows C:/Users/john/agent/
RUN mkdir C:/wireshark
RUN C:/Users/john/agent/ext/Wireshark.exe /S /NCRC /desktopicon=no /quicklaunchicon=no /D=C:/wireshark
RUN C:/Users/john/agent/ext/npcap.exe /S

I got the command line flags for each from here (wireshark), and here (npcap). However, when I build the container nothing is installed. How can I successfully build a docker container and install wireshark and npcap in it to capture the packets?

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