Docker configuration on Synology – upgrade issue

  docker, synology

I’m running the docker crashplan image ( on my Synology NAS. I’m a bit confused on how to update without loosing the existing configuration.

According to the description the following steps should be taken when upgrading:

Step 9 states:

Clear the container by clicking Action->Clear. This removes the container while keeping its configuration.

When I follow the instructions, all the settings and configurations are gone when I reboot the docker image. I have to setup the image as if it was a new setup every time. It feels like I have not setup the configuration to be "outside" the image itself, what is listed as a parameter in the description:

-v /docker/appdata/crashplan-pro:/config:rw

but I am unsure how to setup this path using Synology’s docker.

Does anyone have an idea what I have forgotten?

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