How to run an aplication with command-line arguments on Heroku?

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I have a python script that I need to run on a heroku instance. For that I’m using a Dockerfile and a heroku.yml file:





The problem is, as you can see, that my script runs with some command line arguments. This setup works fine when runing localy (as: docker run <image id> arg1 arg2 arg3) but fails when being executed by heroku:

Error 1 message

I noticed that heroku excecutes my script as: /bin/sh -c 100 25 5 which seems strange.

I tried to work around it by adding a file: file

And changing the Dockerfile to:

Workaround dockerfile

(same heroku.yml)

But had no luck:

Error 2 message

Is there a way to achieve this? I wouldn’t like to modify my source code to use ENV variables instead, I like it with command-line arguments for when I need to run it localy.


Reading Heroku docs I found: (

Heroku docs image

If that is so, shouldn’t my process be executed without /bin/sh -c?

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