Dockerised frontend and backend both but frontend is unable to make api calls to backend from browser [closed]

  docker, flask, node.js, python

I have dockerised an app having backend and frontend, frontend can’t able to make api calls to backend when we are trying it from browser but inside frontend container we can able to make those calls.
The api calls are well working when we mapped everything to our localhost, i.e., when we mapped our backend to localhost:5000. frontend can able to make calls but only with expose its not working although we have put the service names and network names and isolation criteria properly.
We have also tried with nginx but that also fails, we also tried all short of things to make sure we didn’t miss the small things.
Our backend is flask server hosted in 5000, front end is node.js application and we are also using influx_database, grafana and some other services and everything is on a single network.

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