How to use docker logging plugin

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I have a Docker container(.net core application) running in OpenShift. We would like to have our logs pushed to SPLUNK Enterprise which is already there.

We have come across below plugin

My Current Dokerfile builds and contains steps to run my .net applications. Where should I specify the configuration for "docker-logging-plugin" ?

# ----------- Base
FROM AS base
Initial Docker base steps....

//How to have splunk configured here ?

# ----------- Final
FROM base AS final
COPY --from=publish /app/publish .
ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "Employee.WebServices.dll"]

Should the Docker-logging-plugin configuration be included in my current Dockerfile which contains steps to build and run my .net core app or should it be like a separate container.

If its a saparate container how does it know it has to read logs from my container and push to SPLUNK ?

docker run 
    --log-opt splunk-token=176FCEBF-4CF5-4EDF-91BC-703796522D20 
    --log-opt splunk-url=https://splunkhost:8088 
    --log-opt splunk-capath=/path/to/cert/cacert.pem 
    --log-opt splunk-caname=SplunkServerDefaultCert 
    --log-opt tag="{{.Name}}/{{.FullID}}" 
    --log-opt labels=location 
    --log-opt env=TEST 
    --env "TEST=false" 
    --label location=west 
    your/application   //What should I mention here ?

In the above command what should I specify for "your/application"

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