Docker container shows no ports, can find IP but need both to connect to Java application

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So I’m fairly new to Docker, only been using it for a day or two and recently pulled this
Which is an image that has a set of commands to get information from a database. I have the Desktop version of Docker for windows and manage to get the image to pop up just fine. It shows up in my images,
enter image description here
enter image description here
I run the image via the desktop app. Give it the name "Test", see it’s running using the "docker ps". I get it’s IP just fine but see there are no ports.
enter image description here
I’ve heard that it might be connected to my local host which is why no ports show up but still where would I go to find my host port then and or just change the port? A java program/application I’m making is supposed to connect to this using IP and Port but I can’t find the port. Any help would be appreciated, thank you again.

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