Installing ghostscript within Windows container failed

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I am using below dockerfile content to install ghostscript within my windows container


ADD . 

RUN C:gs952w64.exe /S /NCRC

CMD ["cmd.exe"]

But this is failing with following error:

The command ‘cmd /S /C C:tmpgs952w64.exe /S /NCRC’ returned a
non-zero code: 3221225785

I am able to do silent installation of ghostscript with this command in my local machine: C:gs952w64.exe /S /NCRC
but not sure why it is failing in container.

I tried shared solution from here: Installing Ghostscript in Docker Windows image returned a non-zero code: 1
but I got same error here as well.

Chocolatey installed 2/3 packages. 1 packages failed. See the log for
details (C:ProgramDatachocolateylogschocolatey.log).


  • (exited -1073741511) – Error while running ‘C:ProgramDatachocolateylibGhostscript.apptoolsChocolateyInstall.ps1’.
    See log for details. The command ‘cmd /S /C choco install –yes
    ghostscript –version=9.52 ;’ returned a non-zero code: 3221225785

Can anyone help me on this?

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