docker images disappearing from Repository in Google Platform

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I’m using Google Cloud Marketplace Container Images and have successfully pulled a few images and tagged them. When running the "docker images" command in gcloud a few hours ago, this would provide me with a list of all the images I had pulled. After leaving and coming back, I’ve noticed that "docker images" now displays zero files. However, I can see in my Google Cloud UI that all of the images that I pulled and pushed are still there.

Why does the command "docker images" no longer provide a list of all the images that I had pulled and tagged and appear to disappear over time?

Overall my concern is if I pull docker images and tag them and fail to "push" them immediately to my repository, will this disappear as well?

I’m curious if this may have something to do with my API session authorization expiring so I’m no longer authenticated to run this command but this does seem strange. I don’t fully understand authentication with Google Cloud Marketplace images so this may be it but any help appreciated.

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