How to configure Elastic Search Ingest pipelines using Dockerfile and/or Docker-Compose?

  dockerfile, elasticsearch, ingest, pipeline

I have written pipeline files for Logstash, but my current client is opposed to using Logstash and wants to ingest Filebeat generated logs directly in Elasticsearch.

Fine, if that is really what he wants. But I cannot find a complimentary pipeline file for Elasticsearch. I want to COPY config files into an image with a Dockerfile, then build the stack with Compose. Making a nice deployment pattern for the client going forward.

I am using version 7.11 of the stack and I have a good start on the Compose file for Elasticsearch and Kibana and another Compose for Filebeat. What I cannot find a a syntax that allows placing the pipelines into the ES Image.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


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