How can I scrape code from the Dockerfile?

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I have an app running on Heroku. I don’t want anyone to copy my repo. So ı want to put if to main file from Dockerfile.

Here is my Dockerfile:

FROM fu***/wha****:latest

RUN git clone root/WhatsAsenaDuplicated
WORKDIR /root/WhatsAsenaDuplicated/
ENV TZ=Europe/Istanbul
RUN npm install deepai
RUN npm install supervisor -g
RUN npm install

CMD ["node", "bot.js"]

Bot can be cloned if the change "RUN git clone"

So ı want to scrape this line and add to bot.js
Using if / else

if (xxx == 'phaticusthiccy/WhatsAsenaDuplicated') {


else {

How can I do that? What should I add where it says xxx?

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