How to deploy Laravel 8 google cloud run with google cloud database

Iam looking for help to containerize a laravel application with docker, running it locally and make it deployable to gcloud Run, connected to a gcloud database.
My application is an API, build with laravel, and so far i have just used the docker-compose/sail package, that comes with laravel 8, in the development.

Here is what i want to achieve:

  • Laravel app running on gcloud Run.
  • Database in gcloud, Mysql, PostgreSQL or SQL server. (prefer Mysql).
  • Enviroment stored in gcloud.

My problem is can find any info if or how to use/rewrite the docker-composer file i laravel 8, create a Dockerfile or cloudbuild file, and build it for gcloud.

Maybe i could add something like this in a cloudbuild.yml file:

  # running docker-compose
  - name: 'docker/compose:1.26.2'
    args: ['up', '-d']

Any help/guidanceis is appreciated.

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