Request between applications build in docker container inside Synology NAS

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To begin, here is a simple plan of my problem:


Connect to — front container send request to middle container —> —-> Middle receive and send to database –>


— Database answer to middle –> — Middle send to the front –>

I have a problem to connect a front and a middle application in a docker positionned inside a synology NAS. Who works if I use docker locally.

First at all, I’ve a mssql database based on

Sql container

I can connect to it with SSMS.

Then, I have a middle application on 8080:8080 I can verify that it works because I have a flyway inside who can creates the database. So, when I run the middle, it creates the table.

Then, I try to test a request with Postman. Locally, the nas has the adress So I run a simple GET request to the middle:

It works and I receive a Json.

Then, I create a front container (Angular Api) who is based on Usually, I run this application locally on port 4200.

So I’ve make this Docker file:

FROM nginx:alpine
COPY /dist/api-front /usr/share/nginx/html

Then, I build the container and I send an image of this build to the docker inside the NAS.

First problem: when I create the container, I absolutely don’t know why, but Docker try to use the port 80:

Suggested port for the front container

And I have absolutely no port 80 mentionned in this application! I know that the Synology NAS are configured to use the port 80 for the websites but I didn’t have this problem with the middle and the back.

So I’ve tried to cut off the 80 port but it doesn"t work. If I turn it on and let the 4200 open, It works but without the request send to the middle!

Here is a sample request from the front to the middle (same as before but with the IP of the container this time):

The middle receive (I think, I hope) and send the request to the database in

Then, the middle is supposed to send the answer to the front with this url:

But I have a time out… Do you know if the problem is due to the 80 port and if I have a way to change it?

Other question just in case: is there a way to test a request between two container directly from inside a Synology docker?

Thanks for your help!

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