Microservice local development guidance

I’m looking for some guidance on an approach to developing microservices locally. I realise that there will be many different approaches, but I’m just looking for some examples and then I can decide which approach might be suit my situation.

I’m currently looking at moving a monolithic system to a microservice system. I’m using Docker, and Docker Compose, to ‘containerize’ each service (via Visual Studio 2019) and I’ve put each service into their own Solution (.sln) and their own Git repository (Azure Repos). I’m predicting that there will be many times where I need to work on two or more services at the same time (e.g. I need Service A to publish an event to Service B, and I need to update Service B to handle this new event).

My question is, what approaches has anyone used to handle a scenario like this … where you need to work on both Service A and Service B at the same time, but might also need Service C and Service D to be running as well? Can/should I use multiple Docker Compose files to handle this situation? Would it be better to use local Kubernetes (via Docker Desktop) for this scenario? Should I just run a script that downloads and runs all my service images and then work on the services in question?

If someone is able to share their experience, or point me to some documentation that talks about this, I would be extremely grateful.

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