Azure Containers deployment – "Operation failed with status 200: Resource State Failed"

From Azure we try to create container using the Azure Container Instances with prepared YAML. From the machine where we execute az container create command we can login successfully to our private registry (e.g on JFrog Artifactory ) after entering password and we can docker pull it as well

docker login -u svc-faselect
Login succeeded

So we can pull it successfully and the image path is the same like when doing manually docker pull:


We have YAML file for deploy, and trying to create container using the az command from the SAME server. In the YAML file we have set up the same registry information: server, username and password and the same image

az container create --resource-group FRONT-SELECT-NA2 --file ads-azure.yaml

When we try to execute this command, it takes for 30 minutes and after that message is displayed: "Deployment failed. Operation failed with status 200: Resource State Failed"

Can you please help us why this error occurs?
Thank you

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