is it possible to setup Docker for Windows in that way that a non-admin user could use Docker but not be able to connect to the internet?

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I’d like to install Docker for Windows on my company computer that is in Domain and my account doesn’t have admin rights.

Using my private PC, I’ve managed to install Docker and run it from non-admin local account (by adding that user to "docker-users" local group).

There’s a concern Docker might be used as a way to "smuggle" information out of the company (by mounting disk to docker and simply sending it online by bypassing proxies and other company’s security mechanisms), I was wondering if it was possible to completely disconnect Docker from the internet?

The idea I had was to have a local repository for images and everything should be self-sufficient (e.g. applications running in containers would only communicate with other containers).

The question is, could you make Docker intranet-bound and prevent non-admin user to connect it to the internet?

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