Azure Container Instances – from where to execute "docker login" before we execute "az container create" command

we need to deploy ACI – Azure Container Instance in private virtual network.
We followed the example and prepared YAML file from this link.
So now we need to execute before that our command:

az container create --resource-group myResourceGroup --file vnet-deploy-aci.yaml

in that yaml we are referencing our image, similarly like from the above example (just we are using our private repo )


I do not have permission to execute this because of Azure permissions, so I sent this yaml file to one of Azure admins but he does not have experience with containers, so he is , as well as I am confused from where he should trigger and execute docker login repo command and enter credentials, before he execute the az container create.

Can you please provide me some guidance since I did not see that on that Azure docs link as well but I suppose that "docker login" command is required before we trigger "az create" command which deploys our yaml?


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