Productivity Docker Jira-server (docker) connecting to MySQL 8.0 – requires driver… how to install?

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My goal is to setup and run Jira server on synology NAS for personal use. Have no experience administrating linux, just want it to be up and running.

So far I have managed to sucessfully: Run mysql server using docker and create database and to start Jira server using docker

My problem right now is this:

Setup screenshot

Have no clue, how to install driver, when Jira server in "Docker"… Also, not was not successful finding, what version of the driver should I pick:
Driver select page screenshot

Considering I am using synology nas, what version of the file should I download?

I feel like I am almost there, just this driver stopps me from anjoying Jira at home… 😀 I might be wrong here though.

I would appreciate any help! At this point, I’m stuck.

Thank you,

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