Is it possible to simulate a version of Linux Mint in a Docker container?

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I am still a total beginner at Docker on WSL2. I fear that this is rather a stupid question.

I am working on a project that was built entirely on Linux Mint 19.2. When I tested code on Linux without Docker, I was asked to install that same Linux Mint version as well, to be entirely aligned with the project. I know that Linux Mint is built on Ubuntu which is also the standard of the WSL2 installation that I am using. Still, I would like to know whether I can install Linux Mint in a Docker container in order to be fully aligned with the project.

I am thinking of something at the start of the Dockerfile like:

FROM mint:19.02

This base image does not exist, of course:

manifest for mint:19.02 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Is it at all possible to install Linux Mint 19.2 in a container?

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