Error while installing Prometheus tool with a Probot App

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I am trying to install the Prometheus monitoring tool with probot app and the steps are

step 1: I cloned the repository for installing the Prometheus tool.

step 2: After cloning, I run the scripts to build a docker container

bash script/

Step3: To test it I have to run the command, this command is to test it locally, but it’s giving me an error

Bash script/


script/ line 7: ifconfig: command not found
Arguments are
Working with 8080
: not line 8:
PROBOT_HOST => : No such file or directoryheus.yml : not
line 13:
Starting up server
Error parsing commandline arguments:
prometheus: error: unexpected
/bin/ line 16:
–storage.tsdb.path=/prometheus: not found
/bin/ line 17: –web.console.libraries=/etc/prometheus/console_libraries: not
/bin/ line 18:
–web.console.templates=/etc/prometheus/consoles: not found
/bin/ line 19:
–config.file=/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml: not found
: not line 20: –web.listen-address=

I am working on this for the last 3 days and stuck with this problem. I have searched for a lot. Kindly, help would be appreciated. Also, see the documentation on the Github repository

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