Docker Container with internal and host network

I’m pretty new to Docker so I might use terms not correctly – and so didn’t use Google with the right words… Please excuse!

I have several Docker containers for home automation that are all being configured with a docker-compose.yml.
Internally they all communicate via the virtual network ( that Docker creates through the yml file.

        driver: bridge

Now I want one specific container to be also connected to the network my host is in (
With this config it communicates internally:

        restart: always
        image: buanet/iobroker:latest
        container_name: iobroker
        hostname: iobroker
          - "8081:8081"
          - homeautomation-network
          - ./iobroker:/opt/iobroker

What would I need to change, that this container can reach both networks, the virtual and the "real" one?

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