Symfony 4.4.18 debug toolbar not showing in local docker host

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I have created a full symfony project (composer create-project composer create-project symfony / website-skeleton myproj "^ 4.4.18").

After having configured the environment variables (trusted_host, database_url, etc …).

  1. If I run php -S -t public /
    => Everything works perfectly. I have the symfony welcome page with the debug toolbar
    enter image description here

  2. On the other hand, if I access it from a host in my local docker workspace (I use nginx): everything appears fine like the other EXCEPT the debug toolbar
    enter image description here

While for the docker environment, the php is in version 7.4.14 and with an xdebug v3.0.1 installed and activated.

and I even made sure that /var/cache/ was in chmod -R 777.

could someone help me display this debug toolbar?


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