Docker NetCore(microservices) + React

  .net-core, docker, reactjs

I have some

a) .Net Core API’s (microservices) projects listening on ports 5001, 6001 and

b) a react front end application listening on 3000.

I was wondering, if I should setup a Nginx (reverse proxy) on Digital Ocean, that calls each of these services based on the URL filtering. Something like [http:// /api] –> going to an api gateway, which further hits the specific microservice. All other request to that domain forwarded to react.

or is there a better way.

My problem is there is a possibility I might deploy more websites on the same DigitalOcean droplet and my Nginx, configuration will just explode — wondering if I could have just forward all the requests for one domain go to a container that would do the orchestration for me.

Also, I am still a bit unsure how the development workflow looks like — I am building github actions to build / deploy my containers; any pointers would help.

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