Architectural question about user-controlled Docker instances

I got a website in Laravel where you can click on a button which sends a message to a Python daemon which is isolated in Docker. This works for an easy MVP to prove a concept, but it’s not viable in production because a user would most likely want to pause, resume and stop that process as well because that service is designed to never stop otherwise considering it’s a scanner which is looped.

I have thought about a couple of solutions for this, such as fixing it in the software layer but that would add complexity to the program. I have googled Docker and I have found that it is actually possible to do what I want to do with Docker itself with the commands pause, unpause, run and kill.

It would be optimal if I had a service which would interact with the Docker instances with the criteria of above and would be able to take commands from HTTP. Is Docker Swarm the right solution for this problem or is there an easier way?

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