Contanerize Docker images to specific local directory using Jib-Core

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I’m asking some help to create local Docker images using jib-core.

I know how to push the image to a DockerHub Repo but now I want to get all the images into a local single repository.

What I’ve done so far:

  • By reading the jib-core doc, succesfully create a image.tar but can’t build it (missing the dockerfile)

for the moment this is how I do it:

public void buildLocalImage(String appName) throws InvalidImageReferenceException, IOException, InterruptedException, ExecutionException, RegistryException, CacheDirectoryCreationException {
                .addLayer(Arrays.asList(Paths.get("jars/"+appName+".jar")), AbsoluteUnixPath.get("/"))
                .addLayer(Arrays.asList(Paths.get("jars/local-kube-api.jar")), AbsoluteUnixPath.get("/"))
                .addLayer(Arrays.asList(Paths.get("jars/")), AbsoluteUnixPath.get("/"))

The ultimate goal is to run 2 jars in a single container, wich run successfuly when I’m using the traditional way which is to push to a dockerHub repo by adding credentials etc.

The code above run without error, but I can’t find the image after it, and I dont know why.

I must have gone wrong somewhere. This is a university project, if you have any doc that I can read on these topics it would be of great help to me. Thank you !

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