Moodle-Docker Installation process Exception – Class ‘coreeventbase’ not found


I am trying to install Moodle via Docker but after the installation process I am getting this error:
Exception – Class ‘coreeventbase’ not found.
I am really new to moodle but I found the base file on this directory. If it matters the URL of the page is: [https://localhost/admin/index.php?sessionstarted=1&sessionverify=1&lang=en][1]

It also has a Continue button below the error message but when I press it, it redirects me to the same page. The same also happens when I change the URL to the index page for example. The last thing that I did was to reinstall Moodle from the beginning but I had the same error.
If anyone has any idea I would really appreciate to tell me.
Thank you in advance!

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