How to convert a bootable Fedora-33 LXC O/S container into a bootable Docker image container

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I have a Fedora-33 LXC O/S container that I would like to convert to a bootable Docker Image. The reason I’m building this as a LXC O/S container first, is because there are many moving parts and interactions, and building it in a running LXC O/S is far easier than incrementally (iteratively) building it via a Docker(5) file (painful).

In the end, how do I take the resulting LXC O/S and create an equivalent Docker Image for it that is bootable? Keep in mind that Fedora-33 has a systemd that is part if it. (Just in case it matters).

Has anyone successfully done this, with Fedora or another distributions? And how?

I saw examples at this URL, but am unsure it works with an entire Fedora-33 filesystem O/S (maybe it does, but it doesn’t specify):

Thank you in advance! :blush:

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