Using Docker image to setup oracle database to be used in a Jenkins pipeline

  docker, jenkins, oracle

I am quite new to Docker technology and going through the official documentation. In our CI project pipelines, we would like to replace the creation and setup of Oracle DB with the Docker stuff. We have a base image which provides you an instance of oracle DB. What we want to achieve is following:

  1. Run docker container with the custom configurations and import data into the DB
  2. The container should be running with a complete setup of Database
  3. Now use this docker container in the Jenkins pipeline

So far i read on internet, that i can use named Docker volumes (i.e. pre-populate with data) for data persistence which was quite helpful. But, the problem is during the day there might be a lot of jenkins pipelines running and they might need fresh data dump to import. How to use docker volumes in this scenario ? Please suggest if there is any better approach. Thanks

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