gcloud run deploy keeps erroring when I add args: ‘–args: expected one argument’

I am trying to run gcloud run deploy with the following parameters:

gcloud run deploy "$SERVICE_NAME" 
    --region "$RUN_REGION" 
    --image "gcr.io/$PROJECT_ID/$SERVICE_NAME:$GITHUB_SHA" 
    --platform "managed" 
    --args "--privileged"

but I keep getting the following error when I add anything to args whatsoever:

ERROR: (gcloud.run.deploy) argument --args: expected one argument

I am obviously using the args parameter incorrectly but for the life of me I can’t figure out why. The example in the docs uses it exactly as I have done.

What am I missing?

Even the example from the docs doesn’t work, and returns the same error:

gcloud run deploy  
  --args "--repo-allowlist=github.com/example/example_demo" 
  --args "--gh-webhook-secret=XX" 

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