Debugging `docker-compose up` not working

I have a project which is setup via docker and we have been using docker-compose to do all of our testing etc. However, all of the sudden it is unable to run the service. I am expecting that something is going wrong with either docker (i recently upgraded it) or something else.

This is what happens.

  1. I build the image using docker-compose build <service_name>
  2. I run it as docker-compose up <service_name>

The service shows that it is creating the images which it depends on and then it says Attaching to <service_name> and thats it. nothing after that. Sicne i am using docker-compose up, I am expecting (and it used to happen before) that the service will start showing logs here. But it doesn’t

I used docker ps to check if the container is running or not but it doesn’t even show the container there.

I know i can check the logs with docker-compose logs -f <service-name> but its only valid if the service has started or the image has created, right now i am unable to do that.

So how would i debug this issue?

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