ImageMagick opencl in configure features but not install features

  docker, imagemagick, nvidia, opencl

When I build ImageMagick 7.0.10 from source, I’ve used ./configure --enable-opencl (with and without modules too) and see OPENCL listed in the FEATURES and see checking for OpenCL library... yes. After make install, identify -version does not list it in FEATURES. And setting MAGICK_OCL_DEVICE=GPU or MAGICK_OCL_DEVICE=CPU has no effect and all work is done on the CPU.

I am doing this in an Nvidia docker container(docker pull nvidia/opencl) where clinfo reports OpenCL 2.1 (CUDA is 11.1 with nvidia-smi working in the container). Inside this container I have also installed the prereqs from this answer (except for libheif which causes imagemgick compile errors).

Ultimately I want to use imagemagick with gpu support in a docker container with CUDA 11.1, but I could not find it prebuilt.

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