Docker go client: How to include files to copy within build context tarball

I am trying to build an image with the docker go client.

Everything works except that I am unable to copy my needed files to build the image.
The problem is that I somehow don’t get how to include these files in the build context.
This is my BuildImage() go function:

func BuildImage(filePath string, fileName string, imgTags []string, printSteps bool) {
    fmt.Println("Building docker image: ", imgTags)
    ctx, client := createClient()
    buildResponse, err := client.ImageBuild(
        dockerFileTarReader("../path_with_files_to_copy/Dockerfile", fileName),
            Context: getContext("../path_with_files_to_copy"),
            Dockerfile: fileName,
            Tags:       imgTags})
    responseHandler(buildResponse.Body, printSteps)
    defer buildResponse.Body.Close()

This is my getContext() function:

func getContext(filePath string) io.Reader {
    ctx, _ := archive.TarWithOptions(filePath, &archive.TarOptions{})
    return ctx

This is my Dockerfile:

FROM golang:latest

COPY file.go .

If I try to build with this setup I encounter the following error:

{"errorDetail":{"message":"COPY failed: stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builderXXXXXXX/file.go: no such file or directory"},"error":"COPY failed: stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builderXXXXXXX/file.go: no such file or directory"}

So how can I accomplish that the file.go that is located in "../path_with_files_to_copy" to be present at build time in the docker-builderXXXXXXX dir so docker can copy it into the container image?

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