Backup and Recovery On Moodle Learning System from Bitnami Docker


Now I am planning to implement my online learning application by using Moodle CMS available as open source. And I am decided to use Bitnami Docker image to host the CMS application. For that , I did the following command in my AWS machine,

$ curl -sSL > docker-compose.yml
$ docker-compose up -d

And After I am getting blank initial application. Here My doubt is that, After designing my learning management system by customizing the pages and course, How I can take a backup from the current running image ?

Because , Initially I used docker image from Bitnami. After that I am designing according to my requirements. So here How I can take a backp for this running application after setuping?

I am new to Moodle and CMS. Please anyone guide me to resolve my confusions here ? And suggest any documentation for reading.

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