Is running a Linux container on windows AWS instance possible?

I’m trying to run a Linux (ubuntu LTS) container inside a windows server 2019 OS. The problem is that the windows OS runs as an AWS instance.

There have been problem for me trying to achieve this and I’ve been reading somewhat different opinions on the internet regarding whether or not it is possible. Some say it will be possible on a .metal instance which is bare metal. Currently I’ve been trying running it on a regular t3 instance with has virtualization type HVM.

To sum up my questions are:

  1. Is running a linux container on windows aws instance possible?
  2. If yes, how?
  3. If not, will it be possible on a bare metal instance?

Please keep in mind that I need the container to run in a Windows environment due to multiple tasks the the OS needs to achieve (and I don’t want multiple instances)

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