Bash script with docker command not running when passing argument | Env: WSL2 with docker desktop

I am new to WSL + docker desktop on windows. normally this would not be an issue. but i have no clue what im doing wrong here. I have a script /usr/local/bin/mysqlcmd which takes a SQL query as arg and supposed to print it out after executing a docker exec command.


echo "Recieved $args"

sql_query="'mysql -u root -proot --database dev --batch -e "$args"'"
echo "SQL query: $sql_query"

docker exec -it hellomaven_db_1 bash -c 'mysql -u root -proot --database dev --batch -e "select * from location limit 10"'
echo "FAILURE"
docker exec -it hellomaven_db_1 bash -c "$sql_query"

and the output when i run mysqlcmd 'select * from location limit 4' is

Recieved select * from location limit 10
SQL query: 'mysql -u root -proot --database dev --batch -e "select * from location limit 4"'
mysql: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
id      lat     lon     datetime_ts     datetime_id
1       -0.1997 -34.7696        2020-11-06 11:32:37     1604662359
2       -0.682  -34.4279        2020-11-06 11:32:47     1604662369
3       -1.1641 -34.0864        2020-11-06 11:32:57     1604662378
4       -1.6714 -33.7267        2020-11-06 11:33:06     1604662388

bash: mysql -u root -proot --database dev --batch -e "select * from location limit 10": command not found
failed to resize tty, using default size

what bugs me is the bash: mysql -u root -proot --database dev --batch -e "select * from location limit 10": command not found. both the docker exec commands are identical. or i am missing something ?
Thanks in advance.

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