How to skip preceding maven goals in gitlab-ci build?

I have a java webservice and want to set separate test/build/deploy stages in gitlab-ci.
A flow would probably be simple as follows:

  - test
  - build
  - deploy

  stage: clean test
    - mvn $MAVEN_CLI_OPTS test

  stage: build
    - mvn $MAVEN_CLI_OPTS package -DskipTests=true

  stage: deploy
    - mvn $MAVEN_CLI_OPTS package -DskipTests=true

Problem: each maven goal will execute the preceding lifecycle goals. Eg a package or deploy goal will by default also execute the test goal. Thus having to exclude it explicit with skipTests=true.

Anyways goals like package will still be re-executed on test + deploy.

Question: can this be further optimized? I mean, I would not want to rebuild the jar on each stage. Could I tell maven to reuse the jar, and skip any preceding goals?

I know that a single deploy stage would be sufficient for maven to execute the package and test goal under the hood. But then in my gitlab I’d always have failures in the deploy stage, while eg just a junit test in the test goal failed underneath.

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