Undergraduate project – gRPC vs traditional REST APIs

I have just chosen my final project subject which is gRPC vs REST APIs. I have chosen it mainly because I will not have to focus on what do I have to build exactly since the comparison is the key here. Moving on, I have a lot of issues. First of all I have never used an API so far but I think this would be the least of my problems. Secondly, from my reading so far I have found little to none guidance on how to actually compare the performance of the two APIs. I also want to implement the microservices architecture with ASP.NET on C# and the RabbitMq message broker. Besides that I want to experiment containerising the microservices in separate dockers but from what I’ve read the Docker architecture uses the REST APIs. Anyway, I am not experienced at all in this subject so most probably I am wrong. I would really appreciate some guidance on this matter, what do study, in what order, how to combine the technologies, how to compare them, etc. I basically want to build the same system with 2 APIs implementations and compare their performance. Thank you for your time.

Source: Docker Questions