Hyperledger fabric (blockchain) still active in the development community?

Anyone knows whether Hyperledger Fabric (blockchain platform) is still active in the development community? Or what you do think about the platform?
I tried playing around the tools and some commands are either not updated or connections failed because of version differences. Even the basic examples in its official site did not work and error messages often occur.For example, when I tried running first network example on the official site, the error messages were like "Local fabric binaries and docker images are out of sync" or "Unable to find image ‘hyperledger/fabric-tools:latest’ ". But, the docker is still running……….When trying running first network code from official site, errors are like "manifest for hyperledger/fabric-peer:latest not found" and " Error: No such container: cli ERROR !!!! Test failed"………… I googled solutions and tried many times but, tests still failed. Any reply would be appreciated.

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