Redash DB migration from legacy 0.11.* to Redash v8.0

I’ve a question here, I’ve been trying to migrate Redash database from old version of 0.11.* to fresh version 8+.
So far I’ve only came to learn how to break the server in number of different ways…

Closest post that I’ve found, that covers part of my problem is this:

Also I’ve asked a similar question on their forum, but it looks like it’s not that active.

I’ve successfully dumped the Redash db via pg_backup into a .dump file. Yet I cannot seem to restore my data correctly on v8 machine.

I run Ubuntu 16 and 18 what comes with Redash AMIs

Steps that I take:

  • Old machine: Self hosted; Save old db via pg_dump into custom .dump format.
  • New machine: Docker: Disable all of the containers except postgres
  • New machine: Run:
    cat db.dump | docker exec -i redash_postgres_1 pg_restore --clean --if-exists --no-acl --no-owner -U postgres -d postgres
  • New machine: Docker: Restart Postgres container, start other containers.
  • New machine: Restart whole entire instance.


  1. Server is crashed (Internal S Error)
  2. Main Redash UI is displayed, yet I cannot access the data.

Would there happen to be a thep by step solution somewhere in docs on how to restore? Maybe I’ve missed something obvious?

I’ve been digging at this problem for number of days now, I’d highly appreciate some help.


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